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ART of Leadership courses

Crave Arts offer a series of half-day workshops inspired by plays and novels containing powerful leadership messages.


The works of art that inspire the workshops provide fascinating character studies. They’re about people – people who are nuanced, who don’t always get it right, who often learn the hard way. We see close up their motivations, their worries, their flaws, their hopes, their mistakes, what they learn and how they succeed.


Within a story there is always a journey the character takes, discovering something about themselves; a turning point – just like in our own lives and our own work lives.


Training through using the arts has impact. We are habituated from a young age to absorb stories far more powerfully than facts.


Workshop participants watch excerpts performed by actors and then explore, through exercises and discussion, the key messages and how to apply these to their own work situations. Sessions are intended to be thought provoking and enjoyable.

The first workshop we have developed is 'Doing the Right Thing'

Doing The Right Thing

Key ingredients for making good decisions

‘Doing the right thing’ - sounds easy, right?


But making decisions as a manager isn’t always straight forward.  What’s the right balance between following the rules, your gut, your values and your long-term goal when faced with a difficult and time critical decision?


In Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Sharer', a Captain, new to his ship, suddenly has a huge decision to make early on in his voyage. What will he do? What would you do, faced with an important, time critical decision and knowing all eyes are on you? 

We explore the challenges of decision making at times of high pressure.  We use theatre and storytelling to enable participants to empathise with characters facing similar leadership challenges to themselves.

It can be hard for managers to have confidence that they are 'doing the right thing'.  The course will give managers confidence to match up their values and long-term goals with the decisions they make.  They will also learn how to create a culture of trust for good decisions to be made by the whole team.

The power of storytelling helps to embed learning, as we are habituated from a young age to absorb stories much more powerfully than facts. But there is no acting required by participants!


‘It made you think about the type of leader you are’

‘Really powerful’

‘The acting/story drew you in and made you reflect about yourself’

‘Really interactive and engaging’

‘Really insightful’

‘Very engaging’

'A better way of learning than just sitting there listening to someone talking’

‘It could have been even longer – I was still engaged at the end’

(Course participants at Sanctuary, July 2023)


This course is for all managers who want to:

  • Make good decisions

  • Gain greater confidence in their decision-making

  • Create the right environment for good decisions to be made by their team

By the end of the course, managers will:

  • Understand their own personal drivers for making decisions and consider how these fit into the organisation’s way of working

  • Have developed confidence in their decisions and their ability to see a decision through once it is made

  • Know the building blocks for creating a Culture of Trust in order for good decisions to be made by the whole team


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